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Solutions & Services


Custom Software Development

We use latest technologies to deliver the customized solution that your business requires. From conception to production, we follow the design-architecture-choosing of right technology stack-agile development-stress testing-production deployment cycle. We also offer modernization of your legacy software platforms at a fraction of replacement cost.

Data Analytics Services

In today’s digital world, data is king. Data can be the most important asset to any organization if mined properly. We provide the best data science services and solutions with custom models and systems by smart use of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning to create robust data pipelines and deliver actionable insights.

Video & Image Processing

We process large amounts of visual data at high speed and with flexible methodologies which is physically not possible to do by humans.Ispeck data engineering team uses contemporary machine learning models and computer vision techniques to match visual data with predefined classes, for successful image recognition.

Mobile App Development

Whether its B2B or B2C, we design and develop cross platform mobile apps that are chique, sleek and super user friendly and can securely interface with any existing corporate system.

Web App Development

We do full stack web development for both front end and back end for web-based solutions. Various front-end technologies and frameworks like Angular, React, jQuery, Bootstrap, etc. are used to create sophisticated user experiences with the system and enhance ease of user interactions with the system. Ispeck uses modern day back-end technologies and frameworks like NodeJS, FASTAPI, GoLang, Java, Spring, C++20, Rust, RDBMS and NoSQL, GraphQL etc. to create scalable, fast and cloud enabled services.

Data Science & Staff Augmentation

Businesses today need the flexibility to temporarily expand their workforce in order to deliver short term projects or achieve near term business objectives. Ispeck offers data science staff augmentation as an alternative to in-house hiring. We leverage our expertise and advanced technology in machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence to produce ultimate results for your predictive and analytical needs for the period of time required. Ispeck Data and ML engineers help you prepare your data practices for the best decision-making and forecasting outcome for your business.

API Development

An application programming interface enables companies to open up their applications’ data and functionality to external third-party developers, business partners, and internal departments within their companies. This allows services and products to communicate with each other and leverage each other’s data and functionality through a documented interface. Developers don't need to know how an API is implemented; they simply use the interface to communicate with other products and services. API use has surged over the past decade, to the degree that many of the most popular web applications today would not be possible without APIs. Ispeck specializes in designing and development of open standard, fully secured, scalable APIs for various clients and business to enable them to offer their services to the internet and access global customers.Our API design provides the benefit of improved collaboration, easier innovations, data monetization and added security to our customers and services.